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Welcome to your family's history!


Would you like to take a step back in time and trace your ancestors with the expertise of our team of professional genealogists?

Researching the history of your family provide numerous details of your unique ancestry and cultural heritage.

We know from experience that your particular family history will be an invaluable and treasured gift you can pass on to your children and children`s children.

Our skilled team of genealogists have years of experience in and a extensive knowledge especially Scandinavian genealogy and are ready to help you track your ancestors and your family history.

We perform thorough quality control of all research files and have a large number of documented assignments behind us - for people - in Denmark as well as abroad.

We can translate all kinds of records: Land records, censuses, church parish records, wills, probate, immigration, and other types of records from German, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish to English.


Feel free to contact us and let us know what we can do for you!




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Archive Visits

Our research takes place primarily at the national archives, state archives and local historical archives across Scandinavia, but we also use Internet-based sources.


Sources used

Where possible we will always try to use primary sources to ensure that only accurate information is collected.



Our rates

Different rates apply according to the scale of work and time required.

Contact us to find out more.



We offer

We accept all kinds of services and will undertake any kind of genealogy assignment - large or small - it is our defined goal to deliver a complete quality product that will meet your expectations.



Our Researchers


Our researchers adheres the Certified Genealogists “Code of Ethics”


"The Genealogical Standards for Sound Genealogical Research" as recommended by The National Genealogical Society.


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We assist you with genealogy research into your family and deliver a complete quality product in both electronic format and in book form - It is entirely up to you!

Get to know your roots - discover your family tree!